If Only….

I’ve recently seen a lot of motivational videos made up of compilations of different movies, books and great sayings by great people. “I am the greatest”.  Sooner or later, it does come down to one thing, believing you can, without that belief, you can be pushed from your path as easy as a feather in the wind.

You can list 100 quotes, youtube 100 movie clips and all would pick you up and make you feel fluffy for 5 minutes until you were back to the real world in front of your eyes.

Muhammed Ali was the greatest, why, because he told you so, he believed down to his very core that he was indeed THE GREATEST.  Everytime you look back at what could have been, think of the reasons why it didn’t work, look closely and you’ll begin to the see the picture that’s there, the one your brain refused to see the first time, the part of you that allowed it to slip away. The reasons become excuses and behind all of those excuses is one thing.. YOU!

The time someone said no and you accepted the answer, why did you take no for an answer, maybe you asked the question wrong. In photography terms, I hear all the time and indeed have said it myself “how come this kid is making loads of money and jetting off everywhere and his pics are nowhere near as good as mine”.. the answer is simple, because he values his work and is prepared to push and stick it out and if someone can’t afford it, they don’t get it.  Most people love shooting, so you don’t mind chopping the price because you’re doing something you love.


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