3) Totally worth it!!

Not sure where to start really but today was amazing!  We set off from Zermatt and just wound up through the most amazing scenery!

We finished the day at the refuge hut at some 3400m, around the other side of the Matterhorn so the view at tea was….

The final 2 hours was a hike up a glacier* which meant your team had to be roped together for safety as you picked your way up zig zagging across the river of melted ice and slush. 

*vudeo to follow

Once you hit the 2000m (ish) the altitude played its part and any speedy steps quickly had your pulse and breathing rate up. 

I’ve got a stinking headache with the altitude, which is finally going away, but, and I apologise, my stomach/intestines are gurgling like crazy with gas from the altitude, so the other 7, yes 7 guys in my bunk room are in for a windy night.

Our bunk room….

I think I’ve consumed approx 6 litres of water and 2 litres of the high5 electrolyte replacement.

Today has been awesome and the guys/girls in my team are aweeeeesome!

It’s now 9:30 and everyone’s in bed….. Destroyed, but that’s striving!!

Don’t forget this insanity is all for an amazing cause in http://www.big-change.org!

You can find out more and support us here
Night for now!!

What do you think!?!

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