Slapped Silly….

Whoops, sorry I meant Punched Drunk.

I first photographed Kai Humphries way back in 2010 probably, maybe 2011 as he was starting on his road to a bit of comedy. A few years on and I caught up with him at ‘Punchdrunk Comedy’ in Blyth, an event his brother and him have set up over the last few years.

It originally kicked off in Cramlington at the place Kai worked, but since then has branched out covering North Shields, Blyth and other areas.

The formats simple, turn up, grab a beer, enjoy 2 or 3 different comics and laugh yourself silly.

In photography terms, the event side of stuff is something I like but always has it’s own little challenges. You switch between the bright lights of the stage to the dark intimate lighting of the crowd.  You could smash the flash on and just gun everyone down but with gigs and events it’s not just about capturing what’s there, but the mood, feeling and in this case, the intimacy of the gig.  It’s always handy before everyone arrives, get the lay of the land, figure out where your little cut through points are in the seats, behind the stage. Is there a little area you can get some stage shots from the back without becoming part of the act? Remember you’re there to capture the event, not be part of it. If the crowd interact with you and give you the odd thumbs up, fair play, make sure you capture it, but if they’re paying more attention to you and not the acts, you’re doing something wrong, so go sit down and let them get back to the gig and try a different approach.

Remember in gigs like this where it’s low light, if you’re using a speedlite or flash, you don’t need loads of power as you’re not fighting against anything, so make sure you pay attention to your settings.

Enjoy the pics.

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