Eee Ya Bugger!

Just read through my blog for the first time in ages and it appears my last post was a Delia Smith ‘Lets be having’ you!!’ type post… and then I didn’t post for ages haha  whoops.

I haven’t vanished, infact I’ve been doing quite a bit of photography, got a full time job and had some more slightly challenging things go on, which I’ve reported in a different blog (click here).

Thought I’d share a few little bits of what I’ve been upto, mainly shooting a bit of Lingerie and some party and event work. Unfortunately I haven’t managed as much of the MX and sports stuff I would have liked due to the inability to travel to far from home (see blog above).

Anyway, enjoy the curves of the lovely Lia Sundin as I try and fish through my pics and update you a little bit more!

Lia-Undercover-1 Lia-Undercover-2 Lia-Undercover-7


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