Shed The Fear.. Embrace the Good!

I haven’t blogged in a while, so while my post title hopefully grabs you by the nuts (or lady parts) and makes you pay attention, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds.  Kinda like a weight watchers meal, allegedly fat free, but turns out it’s all the fat non of the taste!

Anyway, shambles rambles…. My good mate Scotty (Cath Scott) needed some head shots doing so naturally, she came to me, she’s loyal like that (and skint).  After that initial, “oh best get on the phone and see if I can book a studio spot” I decided NO GOD DAMN IT, I’m going to use what I have.  So one reflector, 2 SB600s on remote triggers, a bounce brolly (I’ve mis-placed a piece of my speedlite soft, D700, vinyl backdrop used as a floor mat and several major bits of furniture, a toy box, toy kitchen and a small nest of tables pushed into the kitchen later, I was good to go.

The wall in my living room is pretty bright as we have a decent size window and when you shut the blinds it kind of works like a big soft box anyway, especially on an overcast day like today, so I positioned a good sized lastolite reflector and my 2 speedlite accordingly and we set about it.

Cath is a comedian, who somehow I’ve never seen perform but I know what she’s like on a day to day basis, so had a rough idea of what we wanted. so after about an one and a half hours we packed up, had a quick flick through what we got and she seemed happy.

I’ve attached 4 images from the day which have only had a tiny bit of editing in Lightroom, no photoshop or digital editing in anyway (sorry Scotty) as I just wanted to show you what’s possible with a small space and 2 speedlites.  Don’t find yourself saying “no” because you don’t have the glossy floored infinity cove of a swish down town studio and the contents of an Elincrom catalogue. Trust that what you have can do the job and you have the ability to pull it off.

What do you think!?!

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