Well you may or may not know, but the Vito decided it was going to let the rust get the better of it and it’s life support was finally turned off…. This paved the way for me to pick up a VW T4 Transporter, which I think is pretty cool, although I appear to have inherited a family of other VW owners into the bargain, whether I like it or not.

Today looked pretty sweet, so thought I’d get myself up to woodhorn to take some pics of it by the lake just for some practice, turns out the lantern parade was on, so couldn’t get in. So, being a good photographer I had a couple of locations up my sleeve and headed off to an old farmhouse with some derelict buildings, turned in the drive to find 2 hefty stone slabs blocking the way. I was thinking of giving up when I drove passed the wind turbine field near Alcan and thought ‘That could look pretty cool’.  After about 10 mins of driving, the only place I could find was a small car park/ entrance about 10 metres across, so a bit of in and out the van to line it up, I set up my tripod and snapped away.

I tried a mixture of techniques on this one.  Using multiple flashes with a relatively slow exposure, but then decided to try one long exposure of about 8 seconds and run around the van ‘Popping’ the flash to illuminate it which worked with pretty good results… see what you think.

What do you think!?!

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