Is this the world we created?

Obviously the world is changing, but Im referring to the little one that encircles me.  Recently I’ve been trying to get really focused on my photography, no pun intended. Not just concentrating on it as a business, but what I actually do, trimming away the things that I do just for the sake of  £££’s. Shedding all those bits that don’t fit with the ‘Sports & Events’ for which my strength lies.

Photography in the world we live in today is difficult, you’re competing with something that is difficult at the best of times, but in times when everyone is feeling the pinch, competing with ‘Free’ can prove to be sometimes, impossible. Digital cameras and point and clicks are fantastic, you can go on holiday and get some really good memories with underwater cameras, point and shoots that do video and all from as little as £60.  But they aren’t the people I refer to, if you have a bit of excess cash in your pocket, and are a bit of an enthusiast, then you can go and buy what they call a ‘Semi-Pro DSLR’ you get all the pre-programmed options like a point and shoot with the added features of being able flick to the more pro settings and control what goes on.   

Stop crying, all is not lost! If you are confident in what you do and the quality of your images, stand steady and hold your ground. The people who are scared of the ‘Freebie’ photographers aren’t afraid of the actual photographers, but the fact that their own work doesn’t stack up.  Have faith in your work and what it’s worth. If someone says “He’ll shoot for half that price.”  Stand fast and challenge them “Go ahead, use him and when you come back later because they aren’t good enough for your brochure, my price will still be the same.”  The reason you can stick to your guns is because your worth it!

I could buy a £6000 camera, but it won’t make me Chase Jarvis. As I have always said whenever I teach anyone about photography, its 95% you, 5% camera, if you think its 95% camera, then just put it down and walk away!!

But who’s to blame for all this, is this not the world we created? As photographers also feeling the pinch, we want the Nikons & Canons of the world to produce better quality at a more affordable price, has it come around to bite us in the ass or is it the drive from the bottom up that’s pushed them to make better more affordable cameras for the hobbyists of the world and the gap has just become so small between Consumer and Pro DSLR, that you have to stay super switched on to survive.

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