Social Media Magic or Tragic?


Social media is EVERYWHERE, you’ve got Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a whole handful of other stuff.  While this is a really useful tool when it comes to photography / videography, it is just that, a tool.

Social media is a double edged sword.  You can get some great exposure and reach, only yesterday Ricky Carmichael liked my post on instagram, no other way in the world would that have happened without that beneficial reach of social media, but without careful control, the positive can become the negative?

I personally use my social media as a tool for that very thing, spreading the word and showcasing what I can do. The right picture of the right person can suddenly find itself being viewed, liked and commented on all over the world which is exposure I can’t and didn’t have to buy, all with the simple click of a few buttons.  What I don’t use my social media for is RUNNING my business, anyone wanting to book me for work is always directed to my webpage or my proper email or mobile number. The initial contact maybe through the social media aspect of life, but they are quickly directed to the real world.

Have you tried Spy before you Buy?

You know exactly what I mean, you’ve come across someones name, or someones starting your work or whatever the situation. Facebook now gives you that little opportunity to have a little peek into their life before you even meet them. Hands up if you’ve done this atleast once?  I have…. LOADS! But remember, your clients may well be doing the same to you.

Take a look at your Facebook and put yourself in their shoes, what are they going to find?  If you like to go partying, dancing with the KKK or smashing Jaegarbombs down your neck and being sick in your own hair, thats fine, we all do what we do, but could that cost you work?  Make sure if you have a portal or page for your work and monitor not only what you put on it but what other people post on your behalf and that your that your personal profile is locked down tight, so only those you allow can see it and for gods sake make sure your profile pic displays something you’re happy for potential clients to see.

You make a judgment on a person within the 10 seconds of meeting them, social media has now allowed people to make that judgment before you have even met them.

Don’t use your social media to conduct business, remember it’s the tool to get people in, once they’re in, bring them back to the real world and keep contact to a proper email or mobile number.  I’ve lost 2 clients because I never replied to their message, which I am convinced I never received. The message they refer to was a comment on a post!

Social media in our business can prove to be one of the best marketing tools you can have at your finger tips, but equally, one of the most destructive if it isn’t managed properly.  Likes on your page are fantastic as it allows you to reach more people, but remember, likes aren’t £££s and it’s £££s that pay your mortgage and give you success.  I’d rather have 100 likes and £10,000 in the bank any day of the week.

How do you use your social media?  Step back and look at it and see it through ‘other peoples eyes’, how do you look?

What do you think!?!

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