Amazing track & Annoyance!

This weekend I got to goto the most amazing track EVER in the form of Hawkstone Park, Shrewsbury, for Round 6 of the RedBull Pro Nationals.  I’ve had a bit of an epic last 4 days going into the weekend, finishing up with crawling into bed at 1am on Sunday Morning after shooting a wedding and backing up all my images ready for the 4:30am alarm call to get up and head off to Shrewsbury to snap the much loved Motocross.

As I mentioned I was a bit whacked, so I broke my very own rule of purpose and went with no real idea what I was going for and hopefully going to figure it out and plan it on the way.  Big NO NO!! (see blog post here if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

I knew I needed to get some images for Carlton’s fan page and to sort his race report but that aside, my brain just decided it wasn’t going to work.  I’ve skimmed through my images today and although I got what I needed, I definitely didn’t get what I wanted, so as a result, I’m far from happy.  Don’t get me wrong, the images aren’t rubbish and a quick post this morning had a few likes and ‘Amazing’ comments, but I’ll direct you to a post by Simon Pow ( Click ).

I now have a load of images on my hard disk which will pretty much remain there and no where else… so I’m annoyed and have to remind you and myself again… ALWAYS HAVE A PURPOSE WHEN YOU SHOOT!

Here’s a few images I got anyway….. enjoy.

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