What’s the point!?

Nope, not a negative slump into, ‘Why do I bother” land, but more a look at why!

Thanks to the lovely Poppy, who was up before kids TV even started this morning, I’ve been pottering about and washing up and I seem to do most of my thinking when I’m either driving, or doing mundane tasks where my mind can wander (only a little while driving) So this morning, I was thinking about myself and some other photographers and people who are self employed that I know and I came to the conclusion, in my head anyway, that there is one word you should always be thinking about……  Purpose!

Recently my photography has been going well and I haven’t really shot that much extra, but the big difference has come down to planning and purpose. Nothing I have done has been pointless. Every image I have taken has had some thought or reason behind it, a path to an end game so to speak and it’s this, I think, thats made the difference.

My advice (I’ve far from made it, so take it as you please) is anything you do, make sure it has a purpose, what’s your goal or your end game… as you press that shutter, where is that picture taking you?

If you find yourself taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures, or just because you want to, then all you’re going to end up with is empty pockets and a full hard disk.

I’ll explain…

My purpose is my family, they deserve a nice place to live, nice things and food on the table, to live, not survive and after being made redundant before, I want my life in my hands thank you very much!

After  struggling for a while, I’ve suddenly, from nowhere become very focused and the path is very clear.  Like that moment in ‘Bagger Vance’ where he finds his place in the field, he can see exactly where the ball needs to go. (Tangent!!) I’ve been driving around in my van getting to MX events around the country at cost to myself and with no return….well, immediate return.  The reason I did that, was very specific, connections and exposure.  As a result of this, I now have a blog that gets reblogged around the action sports world and people now know who I am.. Step 1 complete.

That was the easy bit. The hard bit was to capitalise on that exposure.  I have now made 5 new contacts who are going to be key to what happens next, but the best part is, not all of those 5 contacts are related to Motocross and action sports, but the images I captured at those events are what got me noticed and allowed me to make those connections.  So now you can see the purpose of going to those places.

The weekend after the big events, I went to the local motocross track to what appeared to be shooting shit with the guys and enjoying the sun.  However the purpose again was there.  I wanted to try some different styles of shots and the local motocross track allows me to sell the images to riders, so I can get some money in the bank, or as I see it, fuel, to get me to the other places and it keeps my Facebook and blog pages fresh.

If you find yourself pushing that button and there’s nothing going on behind your eyes… get yourself a Facebook page, get some likes and enjoy your hobby or start thinking!  Only you know what you want and if you don’t know what you want, you need to step back, focus and ‘Find your place in the field’ like the golfin fella from the film!

Phew… thank God that’s over!

In the words of the Parachute Regiment – “It’s your path and yours alone, others can walk it with you, but nobody can walk it for you”


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