Something Different

Although it may not be something mega different, getting into photo manipulation is something I can do, but never really prefer to do. Any fanciness I like to try and get done on camera, but obviously, some things it isn’t possible.

So on Sunday I worked with Drew, who I saw ages ago and he has a fantastic look, bit Newton Faulkner looking. We were shooting for Longsands Clothing, based in Tynemouth and did some in the sea shots, but unfortunately, in UK surf fashion, we caught millpond day at the coast 😦

While I was editing I spotted a couple of images and the rare thought of ‘I could photoshop some of that like’, so I went for it.

Here’s a gallery that shows the two images I started with and the finished result.  They may not be perfect and if you’re a digital editor, you may be able to look in and go ‘oh he’s not…. ‘ or ‘ he’s forgotten to…’  but, I really don’t care 😀

Happy times!

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