Sunshine and Sand!!

Nope, not at the beach, but the Redbull Pro Nationals at Canada Heights, East of that there Larrrndon Taarrrn (London town).

I’ve never been to this circuit before and it has its photography challenges, especially with all the lush greener around casting fantastic dark shadows, so I had to get a bit creative, but it worked.

For spectating however, its a real treat. There’s a new, almost supercross style section, some good drop offs, the fact you can get very close to the action  AND a debut ride at Buildbase Honda for Brad ‘Ando’ Anderson, Saturday was squaring up to be a proper treat!

Nicolas Aubin set the standard in qualifying being a cool 2 seconds faster than everyone else.  At the start of moto 1 he’d opted for the inside gate to get an advantage, but hadn’t banked on the rocket like start and not a question of budging by Ando who flew into the first lap and looked to be running away with it having a couple of second lead over current leader Kristian Whatley. The MBO Sports Yamaha rider, calm as ever observed Ando for a few laps and made his move, a couple of mistakes from the Honda rider allowed Whatley passed and back to familiar territory upfront!

BryMac put some bad luck behind him to push his way through the pack and finish just ahead of Steve Lenoir and take the MX2 top spot.

It’s all out for Sunday, hopefully for a bit more of the same.

Bizarrely yesterdays racing felt weird as there was no commentating from the Redbull guys due to restrictions on the current home club, but Sunday is business as usual  so we can get back to the more lively ‘MX Festival’ atmosphere you always get with RedBull and the E22 guys. If you’re free and aren’t to far away.. GET YOURSELF ACROSS!!

What do you think!?!

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