Ando back on track!

Redbull hit Canada Heights for the 5th Round of the championship.  Fans favourite Brad Anderson was making his debut for Buildbase Honda which had everyone guessing what was going to happen. The race action didn’t disappoint.

I caught up with Ando at the end of the day and after finishing 2nd Overall and his first podium finish of the Redbull season so far.


At Whitby you looked a bit down and lacking confidence, how much of a boost was that this weekend?

“Yeah I’m really pumped with that, obviously first time on the Honda and coming in here and finishing second, obviously, it’s a big booster, you doubt yourself a bit.  There’s a little bit more work to do a bit more riding on the bike, get more used to it and I think we shouldn’t be far away!”

What is it with you and Hondas?

“I don’t know if its just Honda, the bike was awesome, I connect well with it, it turns well and I really like it so, em, what else can I say, it’s a good all round strong bike.”

This the start of the new you then?

Errrr, well, I got second in the other 2 motos so I just need to push that little bit harder. I was trying to push there to hold them off in that last race and over did and these boys were going well today.  This isn’t one of my favourite tracks, it’s a good track, but wait til I get to one of my favourites and we should be up there.


You can keep upto date with Ando and the Honda boys on twitter at @DThondaoffroad

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