Pendrich Pen Pals!

Ever wondered why Bunga is called Bunga, What BryMac does on his time off, or indeed, if it all kicked off in the harmonious tent of Pendrich Kawasaki, who would be the last person standing??  Well, wait no longer!  I caught up with BryMac, Bunga, Lee (Pogo), BC & Deano to see what the craic was…..


CarveMx – It’s only Pendrich Kawasaki’s second year, but it looks like a well oiled machine, pardon the pun, how’s it all going? 

BryMac – It’s pretty sweet. I’m glad it looks like that from the outside because behind the scenes we all work very hard to make sure when we are at the track everything goes smoothly with the bikes, pit setup, riders, racing etc and we are representing our sponsors the best we can.

When you look on paper, the team looks very ‘Family’, is that how it plays out?  Who plays Mum and keeps everyone straight?  Who’s the stroppy teenager? 

You know, it almost is like that. Obviously me and my younger brother, who is Ross’ mechanic, are actually related but between myself, Ross, BC and Dean we have all gron up together from a really young age. BC used to race Scottish and BYMX races too with me and Ross so we’ve all grown up being best mates and staying at each others house since we were about 9-10 years old. It’s pretty crazy that we’re at where we are in life now still doing it together. Then the Perfects are such a great family and really open that it’s been like bringing two family’s together, they’ve pretty much accepted us into their clan and now we’re one big family, like I don’t even feel bad about just opening the cupboards and raiding their house for food anymore and that’s when you know!

We actually have a stroppy teenager – Lee. He’s a cool wee guy but if you catch him at a time when he can’t be bothered, which is about 50% of the time, then he’s a complete pain in the ass. Mrs Perfect – Nic, is clearly the mother figure. She’s the voice of reason and if she has to tow the line then what she says goes, but it doesn’t happen all that often. Mark (Mr. Perfect) and Nic are really on the same wavelength as all of us on the team so it’s really like they’re just a part of the gang. It’s ideal.

The MacKenzie family has a bit of history with MX, BillyMac and now Stevie are over in Oz, do you ever get to ride together? Do they follow what you’re upto?

Yeah we’ve done it pretty well. We’ve travelled all over together and Billy has an awesome career, My brother has his career in MX as a mechanic, Stevie was a rep before he headed to Oz and my career is coming along too. I don’t know how the others feel but I’m pretty proud of what we’ve all done.

Unfortunately I’ve not done any riding with Billy since I done the Manjimup International in Oz a couple of years ago. I caught up with him when he was home for a couple of weeks last month and we text and stuff back and forward but not much more than that. He was still one of the very first guys I text right after I won the second moto in Ireland this year though because we still get pumped for each other.

You’re currently riding Maxxis, RedBull Pro Nationals & British Masters.. did I miss anything? Do you ever get a chance to ride back home? 

Yeah, I race the Scottish MX Nationals too. Mark is the chairman of the series so we have committed to that championship and I race MX2 on saturday and MX1/National class on my 250f on Sundays. So we have a stacked schedule this year. I ride a lot at home and like to be in touch with the whole scene up here. Because we don’t have any British events up here all that often I like to be pretty open and approachable to these guys so I speak to all the riders and kids whenever I’m practicing or racing. I think thats pretty important.

Do you still keep your hand in at the old carpentry back home, you know, just to help out a bit?

My dad is out of the game now, and he’s the only person I’d work for because I’m not confident enough to for someone else! Funnily enough he actually works for Pendrich Height Services now because of all of his site management/managerial experience”.

I bought my first house over the winter though and ripped the ass right out of it rebuilt it. I’ve still got a list of crap jobs to do to finish it off but I can’t be bothered. I did lay some flooring through the hall on my last weekend off though…

You can see what BryMac is upto on Twitter @BryMac121 or on Facebook


So, Pendrich’s MX1 star Ross Rutherford has come out the blocks on fire in “first year”, what’s he got to say for himself?

Carve MX – I’m not clued in with all this name stuff, Bunga?  Explain?

Bunga – Well it’s sort of simple really, everyone remembers the ‘Ninja Turtles’, right? That was in my era, I was a super fan as were most kids. We all know the saying ‘KawaBunga’ well that’s all I would run around screaming at my old man, at the same time he started a car tyre company in Glasgow so it woulda been rude not to call it ‘TyraBunga’. Then everyone just knew my dad as Bunga, then just in the last few years I’ve just took the nickname over too and now it’s to the point where it sounds weird when any of my buddies call me Ross… just doesn’t sound right.

You looked pretty smooth at Whitby last week, your sitting inside the top 10 in the RBPN and just outside in the Maxxis, What were your goals at the start of the season, did you expect to be where you were?

Yeah I fell really good on my bike right now, the team have done a great job at getting it really comfy for me.
My goal at the start was always to be top 15, but after the first few races we realised I was easily a top 10 guy so the plan sort of changed. I want to finish in the top 10 in both championships and better on my results of late which would have me knocking on the top 5.

What does life consist of outside MX, what do you do back home?

Outside motocross…..u mean there’s a real world out there? During the season we don’t get too much time off as we have to travel about an extra 300miles each weekend compared to most british championship riders/teams. But I still work a fair bit, enjoy my training thru the week and just hanging out with my girlfriend and buddies mostly, we all like to shred some bmx in the winter for fun but we don’t do it too much in race season as we tend to push our limits a little and get hurt fairly often haha!!

Have you managed to play a ‘I’m Ross Rutherford’  card to blag some free stuff yet?

pahahaha, definetly not!!! I’ve got a tiny bit more speed to find before I’m pulling that off haha.

Follow Ross on Twitter @RRutherford295


Big lads out the way… it’s ‘wee man’s turn (see that bit scottish I threw in there… multi lingual)

So, for those of you who don’t know, Lee Perfect rides #101 in the 85s for Pendrich, so I thought it unfair to leave him out of things.

CarveMX – You’re the youngster on the team, do you get any grief from the big boys or can you give as good as you get?

Lee – yeah I do take some stick from the guys, but only when they are ripping me or when they think I’m being useless

So there’s Bunga, BryMac, have you earned a nickname yet? If not, why not!?

I’ve earned quite a few nicknames but the most recent one would have to be ‘Pogo’. I got that from a conversation that escalated from something to do with the ladies ;o)

You’re only young, now your part of a big team, does it feel more serious or is it still fun but in a different way?

Being in a big team does add a bit more pressure, but I am still young so it’s all just experience for now.

Kawasaki just announced the new KX85, what do you think? Do you wish you had it this year?

The new KX85 looks awesome! And by reading reviews it definitely sounds like it rides good and a step forward. I would’ve loved to have raced the new bike this year but I’ll be happy to swing a leg over it for next season.

There’s a few motocrossers in your family, do you have to put up with the ‘Back in my day’ speeches from any of them?

Only a few family members used to ride/race but I don’t really hear them talking about there past to be fair. They’re always just trying to encourage me by either training or giving techniques on how to improve my riding.

Not sure Lee’s old enough for Twitter or Facebook, so you’ll just have to go looking for him!!



Now riders don’t make the whole team, there’s the poor guys who have to wash the bikes down and get everything sorted for the guys, so what have they got to say in all this, the guys behind the scenes you see beavering away….

CarveMX – You pick up the bits and pieces for the guys and make sure the bikes are in tip top shape, you ever get any diva moments from them?
 BC – Nah not really, Bry is pretty easy going and easily pleased

Deano – Nah, I don’t get many of those moments from Bunga but he does love a moan though! I usually just agree to everything with -“aye cool man”.

Be honest, have you ever watched them ride off from the paddock and thought… ‘Oh shit, I forgot to……”

BC – Not so much. The worst thing for me is when we are in the waiting zone and Ben from DB Racing tops up his fuel for a 20min race – it always gets me thinking!!

You’re in the best position for pranks, you must have pulled some stuff to wind the riders up,  what’s been the best?

BC – Nothing really that funny, you just have to have thick skin to be on our team because none of us are shy at handing out a good slagging.

Deano – Just on Sunday I got Bunga a beauty when taking the awning down after a wet weekend. The awning roof was holding water and I managed to time it perfect while he was passing under the bottom end and soaked him. He didn’t find it very funny.

Do the boys have any weird rituals before racing, lucky pants, only stir their tea anti-clockwise, all that sort of stuff?
BC – Bry always packs his kit bag the exact same way every weekend and gets dressed from the same side every week. We sometimes retire kit or helmets too if things don’t go our way and we have one too many bad races in them!!

Deano – Yeah he always needs to have a Relentless energy drink! Not for energy either, just because he likes it.

Filters look like boobs don’t they, admit it, you know you’ve held them up when your bored and pretended to be Madonna!

BC – To be honest the closest thing to that would be when our filter guys at Notoil sent us some hats to that were made out of filter material!

Deano – Ha, nah can’t never say I’ve done that. We’ve had a couple of food fights, chocolate eclairs flying all over the place and stuff. We literally just have good craic quite often.


If you could all follow BC on Twitter at @brycon67 I’m sure he’d be grateful in his quest to outfollow BryMac,


So… my final question… If it did all kick off WWE Royal Rumble style, who would win!?

BC – Me, I would handle all those guys, unless big Mark was playing. He’s a former judo champion and has arms the size of an average mans legs!!

Deano – Me, because I’ve got the #RAGE!

Bunga – I’d like to say me, as I definetly wouldn’t give up until everyone was done in…… plus I’m from glasgow so I’m naturally a hardy bastard!! Hahaha!!

Brymac – A long time ago me and Dean were debating who would win in a fight between me and him and he said it would be close because I’ve got the speed and the moves, but he’s got the rage! So I’ll go for me, with speed and the moves!

Lee – WWE – That’s easy.. That would have to be The Big (mum/Nic). If anything kicks off, she’s always the one to stand in and stop the situation.


Thanks for reading.




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