The Whitby Weekend

I’ve made a more conscious decision to get to more and more Pro level motocross in an effort to try and make something of this whole photo taking lark with regards to MX. So I kicked off with Round 4 of the Redbull Pro Nationals as it was relatively on my doorstep at Skelder Bank in Whitby.

If you’ve never been to Skelder Bank, its a scary track to just look at let alone ride but with the backdrop of the seaside town of Whitby, it is literally, picture perfect.    I’d hope to catch up with Carlton Husband to see how he was getting on with the championship and pretty much he was the only person I knew, but he went and broke his foot in Saturday mornings qualifying session, so it was up to Mr & Mrs Husband to look after me and of course Steve Colmer, who I was to find out later is an absolutely hilarious drunk!!!

The RBPN is a real event if you don’t know it. They put on stuff for the kids, you can try your hand at a bit of MX yourself, there’s free style motocross on the go, its all there!!

I promised myself I wasn’t going to take a million pictures of everything… but that unfortunately went out the window on day 1 but luckily, I managed to rain it in on day 2 and not get to snap happy.

My plan was to sleep in the van Saturday night and in between race end and bedtime, download my images, work on them a little bit and have some ready to upload straight away when I got back as I was off on holiday (totally other story) on Monday morning.. this plan sort of worked, until one Mr Steve Colmer hit the Gin!!!!!   Combine that with an introduction to Ade Thresher, Chris Muir, Harris and Rodney.. the night got blurry and I did end up sleeping in the van, rather soundly infact, but only for about 3 hours!  I woke up with flashbacks of Whitby town centre, bars, fire, throwing some amazing shapes and all sorts of other joy.  A walk for a morning brew revealed that when the boys said they were off for some canoeing, it turns out it wasn’t a euphemism for anything else, but they actually slept outside in an inflatable canoe… as you do!

There was indeed some racing going on in amongst all this carry on which saw Kristian Whatley use what appeared to be his own set of lines to take the top overall in the MX1 followed by frenchman Milko Potisek who took the last race win to spoil Whatleys 3 for 3 and Nathan Watson in 3rd.

MX2 had 2 race wins for Pendrich Kawasaki’s BryMac, but a collision at the start of Moto1 which eventually finished in a DNF meant he had to settle for 4th overall.  Top spot went to Nev Bradshaw from Putoline Honda, followed by Steven Lenoir and Martin Barr.

Here’s a few snaps for you….





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