Brampton Virginity

Well after a couple of seasons of people telling me to go, I finally made the journey across to Brampton in Cumbria to check out what all the fuss was.

It’s been reported that the racing in Cumbria is a little more ‘competitive’ or, aggressive, but within the rules of the game.  Brampton MX is a nice Sandy track which straddles a hill using a few good old fashioned down and up hill sections with a bit of sandy berm corners thrown in for good measure.  The club ECMX, decided to run the track the opposite way around this time, which made no difference to me, but it was clear as the brake bumps appeared that it was a little more tricky for the riders.

A good days racing could have only been made better if the glorious rain had buggered off!!!!  Here’s a few snaps from the day anyhoo.


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