Dust and Glory!

The weather appears to have finally turned which means the local MX track, PJMX is now back open.  With the first round of NEMXC being held there on the 21st April I decided to have a pop down for a few hours and snap some piccies.

The weather lately has been absolutely appaulling making it more of  Jetski track than a bike one, but throw in some dry days and a bit of wind and you have the exact opposite issue as the track dries so fast it turns into a little dust bowl.

There was plenty of people sporting new bikes and new kit for the coming season and wanted to get ripping back the throttle and throw their bikes around.  I managed to catch up with a few old faces aswell as scare the shit out of Paul LB by creeping up and banging on the side of his van, lifting him a few foot in the air!

Here’s a sample of the days pics… images are available via the Buy images section of http://www.carvephotography.co.uk.

Roll on next weekend where the practice stops and the racing starts!!!


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