Somethings Just Suck!

Having no money totally sucks!!   I’m currently in a situation where my D700 has taken a pasting at the MX track over the years and is my only camera, so I need to upgrade or get a back up.  The Nikon 24-70 lens in my bag isn’t mine but has been in my custody for a few years instead of Stu’s bag where it belongs and my Macbook runs on mouse farts I think and is starting to slowly croak and struggle with photo editting.

So I got a decently paid job last week which put a few quid in the bank, a bit of a cheeky bonus from work which really needs to go on the family/house and next month I get my TA bounty which is pretty much paying off my holiday.   So my decision simply is, how do I make a little of money go a long way?

At present, the plan is along the lines of……put some cash aside towards a lens so Stu can be reunited with his or more probably, the new one I get.  Stick an SSD drive in my macbook which should hopefully speed it up, then, plug the living daylights out of my photography skills, photobooth and anything else I can do to drag coin in to my purse!

It all boils down to one simple truth… HAVING NO MONEY SUCKS!!!

What do you think!?!

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