Back in the saddle!!

Well, not quite in the saddle, but back at the place I do so love working.   Got a message last night saying the local MX track, PJMX was open again from today, so had to chuck the bag in the van and head on down to take a peek.

My little Nikon D700 hasn’t been back to PJMX since the unfortunate long grass rope tripping incident that sort of made the lens break clean off the front of my camera (WHOOOPS).  Luckily today, there were no such dramas, just a track in good nick and people happy to be out riding .  A few familiar faces where missing with some racing going on up in scotland, but still a few old favourites I haven’t seen for a while.

Anyhoo, picture time.  I repeatedly say this, but I love my camera, i never figure out people who strutt about with £1000’s of worth of kit around there necks and produce washey crappy pictures. I think its called, extreme hobbyist. If you’re starting out and want a decent, yet affordable number.. NIKON D700…admitedly mine has a sigma lens stuck on the front most of the time, but colours and everything..its class…and pretty indestructable… even after the whole lens snapping incident, the lens caved first!!





panning shot



Chloe at PJMX

pjmx, cambois, motocross

The ever disappearing simpac factory…oh and a motorbike

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