Wansbeck Dance

Yesterday I was asked to go snap away at the the Wansbeck Dance Festival.  The plan was to take pics of the contestants in their finery before they performed. It sort of worked, but due to the layout of the venue and the hectic schedule of the dancers, it was a bit of a mad rush.

The festival was a good way for local dance schools to get together and showcase their talents.  Hunter Theatre Arts, Michaela Percival School of Dance, Street Style, Nu Dance and many others where among the trophy collectors and medal winners which rounded off a very nice day indeed.

The festival was sponsored by Bedlington’s own head2toe dance, if you need any dancing shoes, clothes, bags…. its the place to go   http://www.head2toedancesupplies.com/  the website is coming to completion soon, but if you get intouch and explain what you need, Nicola or Simon will be more than happy to help I’m sure.

Managed a few pictures (excuse the carpet…and the curtain, lets just say the garage isn’t watertight and I had to grab what I could on the day 😦  )

The Grown-Ups Little Dancer Ballerina The Tap Dancer

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