Hunter and the Phoenix

This Sunday kicked off this years series of shows from Hunter Theatre Arts, based in Bedlington.  In 2012, Miss Barbara and the gang have taken over the Phoenix Theatre in Blyth to show off there dancing skills and practice from the last years training and classes.

I myself was relegated to behind the gods in the sound and light engineers booth to look down upon the stage and snap away whenever I could catch anyone looking more up than straight ahead, a challenging shoot I have to say with my view point being from 1 place, I had to very much rely on guessing where people would be heading.

Last years thriller finale was totally over shadowed mid performance this year when the stage filled with Ghosts and Ghouls all singing and dancing the monster mash and the finale probably quite literally stolen by a bunch of unruly looking school children dancing on desks and throwing stuff about!  A great show, well done to everyone involved!



Here’s a little selection of what went on…


What do you think!?!

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