No steps forward, 2 steps back!

Ironically, as I work on a rather good set of studio pictures, I have to announce I have to cut back on my studio space.  It has been ace but finances and time dictated that I can’t unfortunately keep it going.  On the plus side, this does mean that i can concentrate on the more active side of my photography which to be fair is what I’m better at.

so..what to expect – well for kick off, between now and the end of January, expect to see lots and lots of requests for volunteers for studio based shoots I’ve been wanting to do, so keep your eyes on the facebook page.  If you have a voucher from Head2Toe (for all your dancing needs), you can still use it, just get in touch as normal using the mobile number on there. Miss Barbara is kindly keeping some space on a  ‘pay as you go’ kinda setup.

Now it’s time to push some of my sports stuff and make it massive and then see where I stand, or sit, rocking back and forth, dribbling!

I’ll keep you posted.


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