Sophie…The One With the Legs

Well its been far too long since I updated this thing.  I’ve had to get some proper gainful employment to subsidise the photography a bit so am a bit wrecked at the minute.

Since last time i’ve had a few more bits published in local and national papers (T+MX mainly).

Anyway, this weekend I was allowed to borrow a studio off my mate in Newcastle, well its in his building but belongs to someone else (which turned into a mini drama..but nowt to do with me).  After a couple of cancellations I didn’t want to waste the studio time so got on the old dog and spoke to Sophie.  Sophie, if you don’t know her, can be found wandering around the motocross paddocks of Great Britain, normally sporting the latest fabric offerings and handbags from Fox… you’ll see her, she’s about a foot taller than everyone else.

Here’s a couple of shots from the shoot anyway, turned out quite well considering i’m a little out of practice and Sophie hasn’t done it properly before..  Enjoy.


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