A Bit Parky at NEMXC Round 1

Well, I have to say that Round 1 of the North East MX Championships got off to a blinder.  Sweet sweet sunshine and some good competetive racing made for a good Sundays viewing… here’s some of what you missed:

Graeme Parker in the experts class managed to keep a rampaging Cole Regan at bay, only just mind you.  B class saw a newly moved up Chris Lawson take the top spot overall for the day, showing he’s not just there for fun.  Johnny Young in the C Class nearly passed out reaching a personal best of 3rd overall so well done him.. School Boys had yet another lesson from Kane Young who had a class head to head with Mr Cruickshanks in the first race, then everyone had a bit of a suprise when Damian Farrell rode like a man possessed to take the chequered flag in the last race.  Last years Chairmans Choice, Joe Hodgeson finished top of the podium in his first season in the Big Wheels, Small Wheels had some crazy little riders flying about the place and the Autos saw the illumionous wobbly helmet head of Shay Page once again leading the pack and what looked like a first race time out for Liam Slater… not sure if thats true though, but the boy is TINY either way.

All in all a good weekend in the dirt with the newly moved up riders showing they aren’t going to be settling for a mid table finish and some familiar faces staking new claims to old places.

Last but by no means least…. I think i join everyone in saying welcome to our new board start lady, Emily Hughes….. Chris just needs to sort out some NEMXC hotpants and boob tube and she’ll look like a proper pro!


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