Sidecars Take On Wooley

Well, back upto Wooley Grange for the first time in a while, and what a change.  Chris and the guys at NEMXC have done some great work to get the track ready for the first round of the Maxxis British Sidecar Championships and if thats not something you’ve seen before……go and have a look!!!

I’ve never seen the sidecars before and thought “well how different could it be?”   TOTALLY DIFFERENT, thats how.  Aswell as needing that extra screw loose to take part, sidecar racers seem to be very polite as it goes, always givin each other little waves as they pass each other, waving the leaders by back markers and totally not running over the other guys head while he’s clinging to the sidecar infront with his head bobbing 2 inches from your front wheel.

Anyway, the day panned out well with the riding matching the weather (good incase you wondered).  Sidecars gave way to 4 heats of individual riders which saw Graeme Parker almost leisurely stroll to 3 wins in the Experts (KTM #47).  Sidecar winners overall where the #1 plated new partnership for 2011 of Brown/Chamberlain with the Millard brothers (#99)coming in on the podium alongside Etheridge/Humphrey (#119).

Good day by all, hopefully leading to a newly envigorated turn out for the R1 of NEMXC’s own season this coming sunday.


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