Baaaarnsley Dan

Weel, not updated for a bit, so thought I’d skip all the stuff that I’ve forgotton to update and jump straight into some pics as this is of course, meant to be a photography blog.

Facebooked for some volunteers the other day and first up came Dan. Dan was born up here but once you hear his Baaarnsley twang, you’ll realise he’s been away for a bit.    Anyhoo, picked him up earlier (without his coat) and headed off to Newbiggin for a few snaps.  First stop,

the generous Jason Thompson who kindly let me borrow his 1972 VW beetle to use as a back drop, then it was off to a few places around Newbiggin By The not so sunny Sea and then warm van and home.

Cheers Dan for giving up your time so I could practice some stuff… keep your eyes glued to my facebook page ‘carve photography’ and if you feel like volunteering, let me know.


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