The Road to Melville…

Yeah i know, haven’t updated for a bit..

This weekend saw my first trip north of the border to cover Melville MX, first round of their winter series at Lochhouses, Dunbar.  Eventually got their after I thought Johnny knew the way and Johnny thought I knew the way and it turned out we were good at following signs to Dunbar, but shite at finding the MX track, so after a quick phonecall to Stevie Mac and Johnny’s uncles, we arrived (after a lengthy off road trip which now requires the van to be washed) at a very squidgy paddock.

The track it has to be said was in belting nick considering the amount of rain we had and were still getting, but for the riders it meant a knackering flat track in soft soil/sand and a little bit of squidgy mud in the back field.

Craig Trew set the standard in the A’s with  3 straight wins as predicted by most people.  A couple of familiar faces flying past with Kane Young and Adam Burgoyne both doing very well with Kane dominating his class and Adam coming 2nd overall.

Few shots from the day (which also showcase my new logo :D)


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