Dirt Bikin’…Real Dirt Bikin’…

Continuing with the “What have I been upto” theme.  Sunday just passed, although rather wet saw the final stage of MXGB at Hawkestone which was unfortunately rained off with a bit of flooding and sinkholes appearing and other grand stuff… So congrats to Russian rocket Evegny Bobryshev (never spell his name right) for taking the MX1 title and Zach Osbourne sneaking away with the MX2 title after a sweet season on his Cosworth Yamaha.

So Hawkestone was rained off, but northern boys are made of sterner stuff, so on probably one of the wettest days the track has been open, over 30 riders piled down to PJMX (Maverick Motopark), Cambois for a little bit of Mud Piggery (That’s aimed at you Burgoyne!!)

Many thanks to John Muldoon for the free mud bath as he roared passed me…. here’s what it all looked like..

What do you think!?!

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